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What’s the Difference Between Crane Hire & Contract Lift Hire?

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In this blog, we discuss the difference between crane hire and contract crane hire and the advantages. When you’re planning a lift, it is very commonplace to hire a crane and an operator to work on your instructions on the site.


The difference between crane hire and contract lift hire

Standard crane hire is simple; if you don’t require the services of a crane operator or appointed person then you can just hire the crane. However, this means that the crane will be your responsibility whilst on your site.

Whereas contract lift hire is when you hire a crane with the assistance of a crane operator and fully-qualified appointed person. This means that all aspects of the lift are the responsibility of the crane hire company rather than the customer. The appointed person uses their expertise to draw comprehensive lift plans and guides you through where to rig the pedestrian crane or mobile crane. The crane operator ensures that it is safe to carry out the lift.


What does an appointed person/ crane operator do?

Typically with contract lift hire, an appointed person will take care of a number of different things. Firstly, they will ensure that the mobile or tower crane has been maintained, services, tested and certified. They will also look after any additional lifting equipment and carry out a thorough site survey. 

A crane operator can offer expert advice and recommendations both before and during the lift, as well as drawing up a detailed plan of action. Alongside this, they will conduct a full site ground assessment to enable the crane is rigged safely.

Furthermore, if the lift requires road closures they will be the ones in communication with the police, as well as taking care of risk assessments.


What are the advantages of contract lift hire?

The crane hire company will take on these responsibilities:

  • Plans the lift with a suitable crane and designated an appointed person to supervise the lift
  • They take on the majority of risks and responsibility, including legal liability in the event of an injury to the driver or property damage that could occur front the lifting operation 


What are the advantages of crane hire?

You are responsible for how you handle the lift, selecting the most appropriate model of crane for the lift as well as responsible for arranging any signalling. Alongside this, you are also responsible for supervising the lift while it’s in operation. It is important to provide an experienced and trained Appointed Person during the process.



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