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What Can Mobile Cranes Do?

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Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are synonymous with construction. The majority of building sites or architectural development sites will feature a crane of some description, helping us to achieve new feats of engineering every single day. Despite being such a prevalent part of the construction industry, mobile cranes have also transcended into a number of industries and have become an integral part of other activities. From skyscrapers to bungee jumping, NMT Crane Hire Ltd outline everything a mobile crane can do.

Lift 18 Metric Tonnes

With mobile cranes playing such a key role in the industry of construction, it is no surprise to learn that their lifting power is unrivalled. When pushed to their absolute limit, mobile cranes can lift a weight of 18 metric tonnes, roughly 2830 stone, and suspend it high above the ground. This lifting power is a key reason as to why cranes of any kind are so important in the construction of skyscrapers, homes and other structures.

Build Skyscrapers

As previously mentioned, cranes are often used in the construction of some of the world’s tallest buildings. Although tower cranes are used to assemble the taller parts of the building, mobile cranes play an important role in the early stages of construction. Buildings of this nature require strong, sturdy materials which are often extremely heavy to form a foundation, and that is when mobile cranes are drafted in. This highlights one of the most important differences between mobile and tower cranes; although tower cranes are able to lift materials higher, mobile cranes are more agile and versatile, which is perfect for shifting weight quickly and efficiently.

Extend to 42 Meters Tall

Despite tower cranes having the advantage when it comes to lifting high, mobile cranes are still able to suspend materials up to 42 meters in the air. Cranes are designed to be tall and to lift materials to new heights, and although they may not be able to reach the heights of a tower crane, a mobile cranes ability to lift over 135 feet allows these machines to play a crucial role in building, construction and manufacturing.

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