Heavy Haulage – NMT Crane Hire

Heavy Haulage Services

At NMT Crane Hire we run a complete fleet of Heavy Haulage vehicles and Lorry loader units. Operating throughout the UK, we have 40 years experience in the industry which definitely gives us a competitive edge. Over that time we have built a reputation for Crane and Haulage combined projects to eliminate the disruption caused by multiple companies being involved, meaning we can control the entire process from start to finish. The fact that we run our heavy haulage operation in conjunction with the crane hire side of our business means we can offer full support, advice and consultation as well as full 3D CAD planning on all your projects.

Transport Services

NMT Crane Hire can move anything from barges to heavy machines. The diverse nature of our operation means we can offer trailers which carry up to 100 tons, extendable trailers up to 70 ft with auto and remote control steering. We can also provide Tower Cranes up to 60metre jib lengths, and Lorry Loader vehicles ranging from 4 tons – 66 tons with drawbar trailers, carrying a gross weight of 44 tons.

We have a wide range of customers from Aerospace, Plant Hire and major Construction companies through to Machine moving, Utility and even Film anDriver CPC Logod TV production companies. We can provide our vehicles to you not only in the local area, but also nationally at most locations.

At NMT Crane Hire we can supply annual CPC training, for any LGV drivers you may have, through our Driver CPC accredited courses.

If you are thinking mobile cranes and Heavy Haulage please give NMT crane Hire a call on 0800 0266985 for any mobile crane hire and heavy haulage.                               

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