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What Does CPA Contract Lift Mean?

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CPA Contract Lift



At NMT Crane Hire, we recently covered just what CPA Crane Hire is, detailing what you can expect your crane hire company to provide for you and what it is your responsibility to organise for your site. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can expect from CPA Contract Lift hire, which differs greatly on what aspects are your responsibility, and what is the responsibility of your crane hire company.


What Does CPA Contract Lift Mean?

In essence, a CPA Contract Lift means that the majority of the elements related to a lift, including insurance, are covered by the crane hire company. You just need to provide the necessary details for the lift.

‘CPA’ stands for Construction Plant Hire Association and all crane hire companies must adhere to the guidelines. That means that when you organise a CPA Contract Lift hire, you can be confident that all of the correct guidelines are being met, as outlined below.


What is Provided with CPA Contract Lift?

When you organise a CPA Contract Lift, you are guaranteed that your crane hire company will cover the following elements:


– Plan the lift and operate the lift in accordance with a safe system of work

– Provide an Appointed Person who is both qualified and competent, with extensive knowledge of the lifting operation

– In addition to the Appointed Person, the crane hire company will provide a qualified Slinger/Signaller, a qualified Crane Supervisor, and a qualified Crane Operator. Each of these persons must be not just qualified but also fully competent and knowledgeable

– Supply a crane that is fully certified, and is regularly tested and maintained, and is of the necessary type and capacity for the lift

– Provide Method Statements

– Provide Risk Assessments

– Ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with BS 7121 (code of practice for safe use of cranes) and LOLER 1998 (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998)


Your crane hire company will also provide insurance cover for the project, which includes insurance for the loss of or damage to the plant or other property damaged by the plant. The insurance will also include a maximum liability of £20,000 for the goods being lifted and £2,000,000 for loss or damage to property or persons.


What You Must Provide for a CPA Contract Lift

With a CPA Contract Lift, it is your responsibility to provide your crane hire company with all of the relevant information in regards to the items to be lifted; this information must be entirely accurate. You must also inform them of the site and ground conditions so that your crane hire company can plan the lift accordingly.


If you have a lift that your require crane hire for and are unsure of which options is best for you, whether it be CPA Crane Hire or CPA Contract Lift, you can speak to the team at NMT Crane Hire and we’ll be able to provide you with detailed guidance. Please fill out an online enquiry form or give us a call today on 0800 026 6985. 


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