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Top Reasons for Crane Hire

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Top Reasons for Crane Hire

Crane hire is used for various different reasons; some are more common than others. Different types of cranes can also be hired for different types of jobs. In particular, the most common cranes’ people hire are mobile cranes and tower cranes. Mobile cranes are fantastic for various different tasks and jobs due to their versatility. Below, we’ve shared a few of the top reasons people need crane hire.

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When you go to a construction site, what’s the first thing you’ll usually see? Cranes! Construction work is one of the most common reasons people use crane hire. Construction can involve a lot of working at height and lifting heavy objects, which is where crane hire comes in very handy. Heavy haulage cranes are particularly popular with construction projects. Mobile cranes are great for when the site is slightly smaller as they have excellent mobility and versatility.

Film & TV

Film and TV is another popular reason to use crane hire. Everyone loves a stunt scene in a film, but not many tend to think about what’s gone on behind the scenes when shooting it. More often than not, a crane has been used to help with the shooting. For example, do you remember the helicopter roof scene in World War Z? A crane was used to help with the filming of the helicopter.

Crane Hire Saves Money

Above, we’ve shared some of the projects crane hires is used for, but why do people opt for hiring over buying a crane? One of the main reasons is that it saves money. Not only is it already cheaper to hire than buy but you won’t have to worry about maintenance or storage costs which will, therefore, save you money in the long run! In addition to this, if you only need it for one project, there’s no point in buying one just for that.


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