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The NMT Blog of Crane Records

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The NMT Blog of Crane Records

crane records- NMT Crane hire

Cranes are synonymous for lifting big and lifting high, but in their own world, what are some of the biggest feats achieved by cranes? In their latest blog post, NMT Crane Hire breakdown all the records set by cranes to provide you with the definitive collection of crane records.

Highest Bungee Jump From a Crane – UK

For any Britons looking to get their fix of adrenaline, the tallest bungee jump in the UK is the place to go. Based in Gloucestershire, thrill-seekers can climb up 400 feet (higher than the peak of St Paul’s Cathedral) and hurl themselves off, all in the name of fun. To put this into context, the worlds highest bungee jump is only slightly higher, with jumpers throwing themselves off the 764 feet Macau Tower in China.

Most Cranes per Country

Unsurprisingly, as a country in a period of mass construction and development, Dubai holds the records for the most amount of cranes per country. With figures suggesting that 25 per cent of the world’s tower cranes are situated in Dubai, this up and coming city-state blows every other country out of the water and provides some explanation as to the size and scale of the city-state’s commitment to construction.

World’s Tallest Crane

As a piece of machinery that is measured by its height, one of the most notable crane records is the world’s tallest crane. This accolade belongs to the Liebherr 11200-9, with its boom that extends up to a whopping 550 feet. To put this into perspective, this mobile crane can lift materials as high as the world-famous Washington Monument.

Heaviest Weight Lifted by a Crane

As well as their height, cranes are also judged by their ability to lift heavy, but which crane has lifted the heaviest? Well, this accolade falls to ‘Taisun’ crane at Yantai Raffles Shipyard, Yantai, China on 18 April 2008, which managed to lift a barge ballasted with water which weighed in at 20,133 tonnes.

To set some of your own crane records, recruit the help of one of our many cranes and contact NMT Crane Hire today by calling us on 0800 026 6985 or by leaving us a message via our contact form.

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