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The Five Most Interesting Crane Facts

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Crane Facts

The Five Most Interesting Crane Facts

Although they may be a staple part of our everyday landscapes, there is often more than meets the eye when it comes to cranes. In our latest blog post, NMT Crane Hire unearth some of the most interesting crane facts and shed light on what makes these machines so efficient and so fascinating.

Crane Fact 1. They Share their Name With a Bird

There is a reason why your google search for ‘cranes’ may throw up images of a long-necked bird, and that is because these machines were inspired by this slender creature. As one of the tallest man-made tools, it is clear to see how these machines drew inspiration from the tallest flying bird in the world.

Crane Fact 2. A Crane’s Jib Mimics a Human Knuckle

Continuing with the theme of nature, a crane’s articulating jib has been designed to copy the natural movement of a human finger. To help manoeuver materials in tight spaces and to allow for a wider range of movement, the crank in the crane’s neck, formally known as a jib, was designed around the shape of a human’s finger to help the machines hook products and hoist them at a more acute angle.

Crane Fact 3. Humans or Animals Used To Power Cranes

Before the 19th century and the invention of the steam engine, humans and animals, such as horses, would be used to generate power for the crane to be able to function. Nowadays, however, with the inventions of internal combustion engines, humans can sit comfortably within the cabin and operate it from there with much more ease.

Crane Fact 4. Cranes Were Invented By The Ancient Greeks

As mentioned in our earlier blog entitled ‘The History of the Crane,’ the earliest models of these machines were created and designed by ancient Greeks. Used to help construct buildings and monuments, as well as to shift large quantities of materials, the Greeks put the wheels in motion for what has become one of the most frequently used machines in construction.

Crane Fact 5. Cranes Build Themselves

Unlike any other piece of machinery, cranes can literally build themselves. Workers secure each unit of the crane as it is lifted up piece by piece, and once the control panel has been installed, the crane uses its own functions to help attach the various other components that make up the whole structure.

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