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The Different Types of Crane

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Getting objects of all shapes and sizes from A to B is not as simple as you may think. Often, heavy machinery will be drawn in to help manoeuvre the bulky items, and more often than not it is a crane. Yet with a variety of materials being shifted around a number of different sites and areas, the crane has had to evolve and develop to suit specific industries. With that in mind, NMT Crane Hire outline all the different types of crane.

Tower Crane

Tower Crane

If you were to ask a 4-year-old to draw a crane, this would be the end result. With these lanky pieces of machinery decorating our skylines, it is no surprise that these cranes are the most famous. With a counterbalance to the rear of the jib, these types of crane are most commonly used in the construction of buildings and skyscrapers.

Harbor Crane

Container Crane

Shipping and trading constitutes one of the largest industries in the world. To accommodate the sheer size of the sector, a crane of a similar stature is needed. Often referred to as container cranes, these machines operate on a rail system; a device which allows the cranes to move along tracks to seek the appropriate container. Unsurprisingly, these behemoths can easily lift two 20-foot containers at once, making the task of processing thousands of containers a day a little less arduous.

Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane

Putting a crane onto wheels seems like a simple and straightforward idea, but this move has allowed construction companies to tackle the most difficult terrains. For years, cranes had been permanent fixtures on building sites, lying rigid and structured on a construction site. However, once the mobile crane was developed, new scope was given to architects and planners to allow them to build and expand into areas which would otherwise be difficult to reach.

NMT Crane Hire have an abundance of mobile cranes in their arsenal, ranging from small 70 tonne cranes to our largest crane, the 700 all terrain crane.

Aerial Crane

Talking of places that are difficult to reach, aerial cranes are a relatively new invention but provide a handy solution to an age old problem. Attached to a helicopter, these cranes come with a rope system to lift items from containers to static homes. Although far less common than any of the other cranes on this list, aerial cranes are living proof that there is always a way round a problem.

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