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The Components of a Crane’s Design

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The Components Of a Crane’s Design

Crane's design

To help construct and sculpt buildings and all shapes and sizes, a crane’s design has to be sophisticated enough to be able to adapt to the needs and requirements of any project. Having been developed over centuries, the crane’s design has reached a stage where no project is too big, but what are the components of a crane’s design which enable contractors and builders to build bigger and bigger? NMT crane Hire outline all the features and components which make these machines a mainstay on every construction site.


Arguably the most practical element of a crane’s design, a jib is the arm of the crane which is responsible for lifting and manoeuvring the materials around the site. Although there are many different variations of jibs, including luffing jibs and fixed jibs, the main premise of this component is to hold and suspend the materials attached to the cranes…


Although this feature may not compare to the other components in terms of size, hooks are undisputably just as important. Used to connect the materials to the crane, hooks are suspended from a hoist rope and can be connected to various points of the crane, depending on the size and weights of the materials.


Especially in the case of tower cranes, one of the main downfalls of a crane’s design is the potential for the structure to capsize. Cases of these tragedies are extremely rare, however, largely due to the role of weights on a crane. Placed at the rear end of the crane, these weights are designed to counter the weight of the materials being lifted, and an extensive level of care is taken to determine the appropriate amount of weight needed for the crane.

Operating Cabin

The control centre of a crane, the cabin is the area of the crane which houses the operator, as well as the controls, anemometer, scales and other essential features. Typically located above the sewing unit of a crane, the cabin is one of the most important elements to a crane, purely for providing an office for operators to carry out their work.

Our knowledge of cranes and their design features stems from over 30 years of industry practice with these machines. If you wish to enquire about over services, contact NMT Crane Hire today on 0800 026 6985 or message us via our online contact form.

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