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How Much Can A Mobile Crane Lift?

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How much Can a Mobile Crane Lift?

On any construction site, mobile cranes are brought in to do all the dirty work. They are synonymous with lifting objects of any shape and size way into the sky, but their strength mustn’t be underestimated either. But just how heavy can they lift?

Some cranes can lift over a 1000 tonnes without breaking a sweat, but mobile cranes provide a more dynamic service than the big, robotic brutes that deadlift up and down all day. Although mobile cranes and tower cranes are far more versatile and maneuverable, they also have to roll up their sleeves and help shift some weight.

Before we start detailing specific load charts, let’s add in some context for comparison. In the construction of buildings, the typical tower crane can lift an unsupported weight of around 20 tonnes, depending on the conditions, while still being able to move the object around with relative ease.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that tower cranes are used in the construction of buildings, however. In most cases, mobile cranes are restricted in the height which they can lift, but the weight often puts tower cranes to shame.

Across the NMT Crane Hire site, there are a number of mobile cranes used for a variety of jobs.

The nimble city mobile cranes are quick and comparably featherweight in comparison to other mobile cranes, but you will still be able to lift weights of 13-70 tonnes with these machines. When dotting about to different locations and lifting respectable amounts of weight, city mobile cranes do just the trick.

In a complete contrast to the city cranes, when working on treacherous ground, all terrain mobile cranes prove to be a sturdy alternative. With a lifting capacity of up to 160 tonnes, all terrain mobile cranes also double the load chart of a mobile crane, while still being firmly locked into position.

So far, we have looked at mobile cranes which can be used for the quick and easy tasks, and mobile cranes which can cope on almost any surface, but for those jobs which require immense lifting power, it is time to call in the big guns. Our heavy crane selection can lift anything from 200 to 700 tonnes, while still being fully mobile. Although this weight cannot be lifted to the height of a tower crane, sometimes height has to be substituted for unrivalled lifting power.

Depending on the type of work which is being carried out on your site, lifting power isn’t the only criteria to consider. Follow the links to the individual pages for every type of crane listed above to find out more about their specifications.

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