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How Crane Hire can be used in Film and TV

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Spiderman swoops between a set of New York skyscrapers, all the way back in 1958 Orson Welles creates one of the most memorable cinematic moments with his opening ‘car-bomb’ scene in the iconic Touch of Evil and Jack Sparrow swash-buckles his way out of another sticky situation. It all makes for exhilarating viewing but how do the directors achieve these breath-taking shots and compile these awe-inspiring scenes? With none other than the types of cranes we use right here at NMT Cranes – a reason why we are proud to be the official Mobile Cranes and Plant Hire partner of Global Film Supplies – based at Britain’s central hub of great new film: Pinewood Studios.rn

Take your Film to New Heights… Literally

rnWhen it calls for it, it is always better to take things higher and the best possible and most controllable way to do this is with a crane. Now it is worth pointing out that a crane isn’t just a crane and that’s that – but there are actually a whole array of crane’s which are suited to different types of shooting and the specific scene you are attempting to film and encapsulate in the best shot possible.rnrnHere at NMT Cranes and through our experience working on some of the biggest productions, we fully understand the strict schedules, budgetary restraints and the fact that every film or television shoot will be different to the next – and therefore offer a comprehensive selection of crane choices from 10 ton City class, up to 1000 ton all-terrain class and 4, 5, 6 and 7 axle Mobile Tower Cranes – all of which have their own benefits for specific applications – and will always endeavour to offer the best prices and be on set right when you need us.rnrnNow we know your tools of the trade are the cameras, the lights and the action in front of it, and that ours is a range of specialised cranes – so if you are ever unsure as to which crane would be suited to a specific shot, then our expert team will be happy to discuss your filming requirements with you, direct you towards the most suitable crane to hire and then follow it up with intuitive operation on the day which will ensure you get what the storyboards were outlining in the first place.

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