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Four Advantages of Mobile Cranes

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One of NMT Crane Hire’s greatest assets is the diverse fleet at our disposal. From the lighter end of our range right up to our heaviest units, we offer machines to suit a variety of budgets, purposes, and situations.

Something we take particular pride in, however, is the fact that all of our units are fully mobile. Obviously, our lighter units will be a little easier to manoeuvre than the 700-ton cranes from our range, but our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that our mobile cranes allow for a much greater degree of flexibility than their fixed, grounded counterparts. 

Here, we take a closer look at the world of mobile cranes and explain in four, clear points exactly why they have proven to be so useful over the years.

1) Mobility

Let’s start with the most obvious point from our list. While tower cranes are fixed to the ground after they’ve been assembled, mobile cranes can be moved around even after their setup.

The vast majority of construction sites benefit from this greater degree of manoeuvrability, too. For projects spanning multiple locations, the same crane can be used at both sites without batting an eyelid, while heavy materials can often be transported on these units to save the further use of time and resources. This ability to easily move cranes between sites should not be underestimated; it increases the speed and efficiency of projects beyond measure.

2) Versatility and precision

Our second point may sound like a rehash of our previous one, but there’s an important difference here. The added versatility of a mobile crane allows them to be used for far more than just lifting. 

For example, more tailored lifts can be carried out by cranes that are not restricted to a fixed point on the ground. If a project requires it, mobile cranes can sometimes be moved inside larger buildings to offer a precise, controlled lift. Assembling a tower crane inside a structure would be almost impossible, but that’s exactly what you’re able to do with their mobile cousins. At the other end of the spectrum, smaller units can also be used to move small features – even furniture – with ease.

3) Setting up

The setup time for a mobile crane is significantly lower than it is for a fixed unit. In fact, a number of mobile cranes require virtually no setting up at all; their compact nature and logical design allows them to get to work pretty much as soon as they’ve arrived on site.

It goes without saying that large tower cranes require significant labour before they’ve been put to good use. Hours, even days, can be invested by multiple people before the crane is ready – all of those wasted resources can be saved by using mobile cranes, significantly reducing labour costs and saving you invaluable time.

4) Size

The comparative size of a mobile crane makes it far more suitable for a much wider range of building sites. In some heavily populated cities and on certain restrictive sites, it can actually be impossible to set up some larger cranes. If an entire project is based on the use of a crane, this issue can prove to be extremely damaging.

Mobile cranes fit into smaller spaces and require far less in terms of special arrangements. This particular advantage will vary in its significance depending on exactly how large the required mobile cranes are, but it can also prove to be the difference between a successful project and one that falls flat.

NMT Crane Hire

Clearly, there is plenty to be said for seriously considering a mobile crane for a number of construction projects. In some instances, you will require a more heavy-duty tower crane, but you’d be surprised at just how powerful some mobile units can prove to be. 

If you’re in any doubt whatsoever about the type of crane that would be suitable for your project, we would recommend that you get in touch with the team here at NMT Crane Hire. You can call us on 0800 026 6985 or fill out one of our online contact forms

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