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Different Types Of Cranes: Tower v Mobile

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The choice of crane you decide on hiring can have a big impact on the work you will be undergoing. Although there are plenty of different types of cranes, we typically narrow our cranes down to just two, mobile cranes and tower cranes. They have proved to be popular, efficient and each has strengths and weaknesses which make them unique to one another. In this blog post, we will describe in detail the benefits and functions of both cranes, helping to distinguish which of the two would be more favourable to you.

The Tower Crane

The tower crane is one of the most commonly used cranes for transporting and loading the largest and heaviest materials. They easily surpass other different types of cranes lifting capabilities and power due to its precision, efficiency and stability, in addition to their incredible power and strength, another characteristic’s tower cranes hold is their impressive height abilities as their height capacity can rarely be matched by any other type of crane. The tower crane has become a key component within the construction industry, due to the varied operations they can help facilitate.

Tower Crane Advantages

– Tower Cranes are able to outperform the loading and lifting capacity of any other crane. Their height capacity cannot be paired with any other type of crane. They have immense stability and can bear the most difficult lifting operations.

Tower Crane Disadvantages

– Tower cranes are notoriously expensive to buy and hire. They require money, time and effort to be manoeuvred and operated. Tower cranes come with a high maintenance cost for repairs and depreciation They are a difficult task to install

The Mobile Crane

The mobile crane is a cable-operated crane that is mounted on crawlers or wheels, designed to transport goods easily from site to site. They have an independently working hydraulic system and can range from a fairly simple machine, designed with a telescopic boom on its platform, to a giant crane, clamped and equipped with a diverse range of attachments. Although they are significantly smaller than the average crane, they have many advantages. They have a great ability to access small and awkward areas, that many other different types of cranes couldn’t access freely. This crane is also powerful enough to lift, hoist and carry heavy materials to great heights. Due to their size, they are generally simple machines and are low-maintenance to assemble and dismantle. The comparison for the amount of power you need to set up a tower crane is enormous in comparison to the little energy a mobile crane requires.

Advantages of Mobile Cranes

– Mobile cranes are easier and faster to set up in comparison to other different types of cranes, making lifting operations more practical. Mobile cranes do not require a lot of space, due to their flexibility and ability to access areas where other different types of cranes cannot access or reach. They are a more cost-effective option as well as being more environmentally friendly in comparison to other cranes that are available to hire.


There are many different lifting operations where using a tower crane is not a practical option. Operations that go ahead such as statue lifting or indoor lifts, which cannot be carried out using a tower crane, in some cases, it would be more beneficial to use a mobile crane from a construction point of view. Mobility is another point to put across, the difference between mobile cranes and tower cranes is how they manoeuvre. As their names suggest, mobile cranes are able to move around independently whereas tower cranes are fixated to a single spot once they are set up. Mobile cranes are capable to move from site to site and are roadworthy, unlike the tower crane that cannot move around once set-up. The versatility of the mobile crane exceeds the ability and capacities of most different types of cranes which give the crane dominance over others. However, the tower crane is the ideal machine for the operation of lifts on intense and heavy-duty construction sites.

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