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City Cranes and their Benefits

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In city construction, where space can be limited, city cranes offer the primary advantages of having an adjustable turning circle as well as a smaller footprint. But, they also come with a few other things that make them the perfect asset for your construction project.

Varied Capacities of City Cranes

City cranes come in a wide range of sizes and capacities.  NMT Crane hire offers 13-70 ton city crane hire meaning that you can rest assured we have something suitable for your job.

Boom Extension

City cranes have a large telescopic boom length, such as Lieberr’s (LTC 1050.3.1) 50 Ton City Crane, which has an 8.2-36 metre reach.  This means that they can extend to different lengths depending on your job’s needs. Some cranes, such as the one above also have a folding jib, or an adjustable erection jib, meaning you have complete flexibility with your job.


City cranes are known for their compact size, incredible strength and easy manoeuvrability. They can access awkward areas and have significantly lower install and dismantle times compared to tower cranes.

Another benefit is that City Cranes are able to move goods and heavy loads, as they have wheels, while tower cranes are fixed to one spot.

Benefits of City Crane Hire

If you are not needing a crane for the entirety of your construction, then hiring one from NMT Crane Hire can reduce costs significantly and allow you to cut down the time of your construction project.  NMT Crane Hire have accreditations from SSIP Worksafe Contractors, Achilles Registered, and Driver Agency Accreditation Scheme meaning you have complete peace of mind, knowing that we are high-quality service providers.


If you would like to speak more about an opportunity to hire one of our City Cranes, give us a call on 08000 266 985, we’d love to help. Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form.

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