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Campaign For Mandatory Crane MOTs Gets EU Boost

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Five years ago, a very disturbing accident involving a mobile crane took place near St. Cyrus. When the EU Parliament decided to pass a legislature to make it mandatory for mobile cranes to undergo MOTs, it was welcomed by all the concerned parties, and this new rule will be introduced in September 2013.rnrnPreviously, mobile cranes and other HGVs could drive on roads without having the necessary test certificate, and this legal loophole had yet to be closed until now. With the passage of the new legislation, all HGVs, including mobile cranes, will have to undergo MOT tests if they want to continue driving on the roads of EU nations.rn

Why MOTs for Mobile Cranes?

rnThe campaign for testing started in the UK in 2008, and this was only after an accident that took place on the A92 Stonehaven to Montrose road, which resulted in the death of several people. A 45-year old woman and two of her daughters (aged 10 and 7) died in the accident.rnrnThe inquiry that followed after the accident showed evidence of a leaking hydraulic fluid, the cause of the fatal accident. The leakage originated from a very badly maintained mobile crane. Had the mobile crane been properly maintained, the poor woman and her daughters would have been alive today, living their lives like other normal people.rnrnWith the European Parliament passing the legislature, Mearns MP Sir Robert Smith’s campaign to introduce MOTs for mobile cranes and other HGVs has received a boost. In fact, Sir Robert has renewed his call for the UK to also introduce mandatory testing for mobile cranes and HGVs. He tabled the motion on this subject in the previous session of parliament and has also personally met with the Minister of Transport to get the new law passed as quickly as possible.rnrnWe here at NMT Crane Hire fully support the passage of this new legislature. We know the importance of ensuring complete safety and that is why our cranes, including mobile cranes, are properly inspected and serviced regularly. We believe in supplying cranes that are well-maintained and are operated by professional and experienced workers, who have received training on how to manage and handle all our cranes.rnrnWith over 30 years of experience in the field of crane hire, safety is one aspect that we never compromise on. We have a modern fleet of cranes to suit the business needs of our customers. We offer our fleet to help you finish your project from the start to finish; and that is why when there is a need for cranes, you should not look any further. Contact us today to book a crane for your project.

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