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The Day to Day Life of a Crane Operator

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The Day to Day Life of a Crane Operator

Crane Operator

Construction cranes are a feat of engineering, so it is no surprise to learn that operating these machines is an intricate and complex science. To understand how these machines are handled and manoeuvred on a daily basis, NMT Crane Hire outlines the routine practices of a crane operator.

1. Assemble the Crane

Before anyone goes climbing up to the operating cabin, the first job is to set up and assemble the crane. Crane operators are responsible for driving trucks and materials to worksites and aiding the assembly process. This process consists of blocks and outriggers to prevent capsizing, bolting the boom sections together to extend or modify the boom for pile driving or high lifting, depending on the job.

2. Safety Checks

Once the crane has been assembled, the next step is for the crane operator to carry out routine safety checks. These checks consist of checking for any signs of visible damage or wear and tear to the wire ropes, hooks and every other part. The responsibility of assessing the conditions also falls to the crane operator. Due to the nature of the machines and their structure, operators must err on the side of caution and only use the crane if the conditions are suitable. Take a look at our previous blog to find out How to Operate a Crane in Bad Weather.

3. Operate the Crane

Finally, after the crane has been assembled and all the checks have been carried out, it is time to get to work. With a typical shift lasting between 8-12 hours, a crane operators lift of tasks consists of lowering materials into place, lifting and manoeuvring them by demand of the site manager, and aiding the general construction of every project.

To find out more about this line of work, contact NMT Crane Hire today by calling us on 0800 026 6985 or by leaving us a message. You can also browse all of crane operator vacancies here.

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