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CPA Crane Hire vs CPA Contract Lift: Which Is Right for Me?

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NMT Crane Hire have recently talked about just what is included in CPA Crane Hire vs what’s included in CPA Contract Lift. Both options are commonly chosen, having their own benefits depending on what you’re looking for. Therefore, deciding which one is right for you can be a little tricky, but is vitally important. Although we have covered what each one means in our previous posts, a brief overview is:


CPA Crane Hire

– If you choose CPA Crane Hire, you will be provided with both a crane and a crane operator  

– With CPA Crane Hire, you will not receive a Crane Supervisor, Slinger/Signaller, or an Appointed Person  

– You are responsible for ensuring the crane is suitable, that the work is carried out to LOLER 1998 and BS 7121 standards, and for checking the credentials of the crane hire company and crane  

– You are responsible for planning and executing the lift


CPA Contract Lift

– With a CPA Contract Lift, you are essentially hiring not just a crane but a company to organise the entire lift  

– All you are responsible for providing is the necessary information for the lift to be planned, such as the items that need to be lifted, the site conditions, the ground conditions, etc. This information must be accurate


Which Should I Choose?

CPA Contract Lift is commonly chosen by people that do not have an existing infrastructure in place for a whole lift to be carried out. It is more expensive than CPA Crane Hire, but will not incur the same costs that hiring your own team for one lift would do, which is the extra you would have to pay for CPA Crane Hire.

CPA Crane Hire is the cheaper option, and is ideal for people who do have a full infrastructure in place for carrying out a lift, but simply need some extra cranes to be able to complete the job.


If you have experience and staff who are knowledgeable about everything required to carry out a lift, and you are simply in need of extra crane/s, CPA Crane Hire is right for you. If, however, you do not have this in place in your company and do not have the working knowledge to properly carry out a full lift, CPA Contract Lift is the best option.


To discuss your lift and the requirements that you need, don’t hesitate to give NMT Crane Hire a call on 0800 026 6985. We provide both CPA Crane Hire and CPA Contract Lift options, so you can choose the correct hire for your needs.


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