Maintenance & Repairs - NMT Crane Hire Ltd

NMT maintenance & repairs workshop

NMT Maintenance and Repairs Workshop

Did you know that we not only hire out cranes, we can fix them too? We have our own experienced workshop mechanics, and a 5 bay state of the art workshop, with brake testing rolling road up to 20 ton capacity equipment, as well as full length working pits. Our tyre store is well stocked, and we have large wheel laser alignment equipment.

Engineering and Fabrication –  Bespoke Crane Attachments

One of our largest requests is crane attachments which we can create on a bespoke basis for companies. Our team can also create lifting and spreader beams, brick and pallet forks and steel mats for under crane outriggers. With more than 25 years’ experience, NMT Crane Hire can build your bespoke item on a one-off special order.

We can tackle all sorts of steel fabrication, be it low-approach breakdown trucks, lorry bodies or even decorative steel works, like you may see in a town centre, park or the centre of a roundabout! If you have an idea, just bring us the design drawings and the NMT Crane Hire team will set to work.