Heavy haulage over the christmas break

How a Heavy Haulage Company Copes with the Christmas Rush

How a Heavy Haulage Company Copes With the Christmas Rush

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Christmas is a time for giving presents, eating lots of food and drinking lots of drink, but to make this period the most wonderful time of the year, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. To ensure your Christmas presents, trees and food get delivered in time, heavy haulage companies work around the clock to bring all your goods to your shops and to your door. In our latest blog post, we outline the challenges that face heavy haulage companies and explain how they overcome them to make sure Christmas isn’t cancelled.


With everyone taking to the roads to visit family, friends and loved ones over the holiday period, it is no surprise that the festive season is the busiest time of the year in terms of traffic. Considering all of the presents and goods need to be delivered to strict deadlines, the sheer volume of traffic presents a clear obstacle to heavy haulage companies all around the country. Thankfully, professional and committed drivers take to the roads early in the morning and late at night to beat the build-up of traffic and to guarantee that their load gets where it needs to go.


Due to the time of the year, the drivers also have to contend with less than favourable road conditions as well as traffic. Over the winter period, Britain will experience every aspect of weather, ranging from snow, ice, rain, hail, sleet, sun and everything in between. As a result of the thousands of miles that drivers do each year, the majority of heavy haulage drivers are experienced in handling these conditions, and their vehicles are built to withstand some of the toughest conditions.

Driver Shortages

One of the most pressing concerns for heavy haulage companies is the nationwide driver shortage. It is estimated the UK is around 50,000 drivers short of hitting the minimum quota of drivers, and with the busiest time of the year already underway, heavy haulage companies need to find a way to cope. Again, due to their professionalism and commitment, drivers all across the country work tirelessly to deliver the goods to homes across the UK.


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