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CPA Crane Hire or Contract Lift Hire

Before any job can get underway, it is important to know and understand the differences between our two crane hire options. CPA Crane Hire and Contract Lift offer a wealth of benefits, but knowing which option to choose is essential for the effectiveness for any jobs.

CPA Lift Hire

The most striking difference between the two forms of hire rest in the crew needed to operate the crane and maintain the site. With the Construction Plant Hire Association option, you will be required to provide the appropriate bodies for the job. This method will be most suitable for companies which already have the correct infrastructure to house a crane. Through CPA, you are also responsible for making sure the crane is suitable for your site and for the task in hand.

Contract Lift Hire

With Contract Lift, the majority of aspects for a lift are provided, as well as the appropriate risk assessments and insurance. Every aspect is provided, and this form of hire is suitable for sites which cannot accommodate and responsibly use a crane and its facilities.

We have a range of cranes which are available for hire, ranging from the smaller tower cranes, all the way up to our 700 tonne Terex all terrain cranes. No matter what you need us for, we will be able to provide you with the appropriate equipment to get the job done.

To find out the more specific differences between the Construction Plant Hire Association option and the Contract Lift option, take a look at our blog which analysed the ins and outs of each service.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we have to offer, then get in touch with NMT Crane Hire today on 0800 026 6985 to speak to one of our expert advisors. You can also contact us through our online form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to help with your enquiry.

CPA Crane Hire

Can you answer yes to all 4 points?
  • Can you employ a fully qualified CPCS appointed person?
  • Do you have company specific method statements & risk assessments to cover all lifting operations?
  • Do you hold the appropriate insurance to cover the value of the hired in crane and goods on the hook?
  • Do you employ fully qualified lift supervisor and slinger signallers?

Contract Lift Crane Hire

This is what NMT Crane Hire provide with a contract lift
  • NMT supply a fully qualified and experienced CPCS appointed person
  • NMT prepare all method statements, Risk Assessments & Crane Layout Drawings, specific for each lifting plan
  • NMT carry all insurance for the crane and the goods on the hook *Note in certain circumstances a specialist cover note must be obtained
  • NMT can provide fully trained, qualified & experienced crane personnel for all types of lifting operations. *Can be supplied to supplement your own employees.