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NMT Crane Hire

Nationwide Crane Hire and Heavy Haulage- NMT Crane Hire


Nick will be found in the office overseeing our hire desk and after investing heavily on the installation of a CAD system, has the responsibility of creating highly detailed 3D CAD drawings. These will enhance the animated movement of our cranes resulting in very impressive plans, illustrating the ability of the chosen crane to carry out the work and enhance our detailed method statements.

These detailed drawings have played a big part in the success of the company illustrating the highly professional standards which NMT Crane Hire have reached. Mark,the Managing Director,has an engineering background,and is foremost in the high standard of maintenance to the fleet of cranes, Tim is the Technical Director and is responsible for the sales team, allocating the site visits and meeting new clients.

Over the years NMT Crane Hire has built up an impressive list of clients, including many House builders, Civil Engineering, Construction and Utility companies.Tim has formed a partnership within the Film and TV industry, and now runs Global Film Supplies and NMT Film & TV Crane Hire from the world famous Pinewood Studios.