How to Operate a Crane in Bad Weather

Operating a crane is a job which requires nerves of steel and an eye for precision at the best of times, yet when this profession is combined with adverse weather conditions, the job requires a whole other level of expertise. As we head into the colder months, NMT Crane Hire explain how to operate a crane […]

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What Is Heavy Haulage and When Do You Need It?

The grand stature of a tower crane is a symbol of sheer height, yet the whole process of constructing and transporting a crane to a new site is synonymous with size. For a big piece of machinery like a crane, you need an accommodating delivery service that can transport the largest objects both safely and […]

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3 tower cranes on an industrial park

The Science Behind Tower Cranes

If you have marvelled at a tower crane and asked yourself “how do those things work?” don’t worry, you are not on your own. A feat of engineering, tower cranes have been at the forefront of construction and innovation for centuries, yet knowledge of their mechanics and their functionalities are still reserved for experts and […]

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The Different Types of Crane

Getting objects of all shapes and sizes from A to B is not as simple as you may think. Often, heavy machinery will be drawn in to help manoeuvre the bulky items, and more often than not it is a crane. Yet with a variety of materials being shifted around a number of different sites […]

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Craziest Crane Uses thumbnail

Craziest Crane Uses

When we think of a crane, we picture a loud, urban landscape with a lanky, yellow structure manoeuvring large objects high into the sky. For the most part, this is the environment cranes are resigned to. Yet, sometimes, these pieces of machinery disregard stereotypes to leave us picking our jaws up off the floor. Outside […]

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An NMT Crane Hire crane using a block grab

How Much Can A Mobile Crane Lift?

On any construction site, mobile cranes are brought in to do all the dirty work. They are synonymous with lifting objects of any shape and size way into the sky, but their strength mustn’t be underestimated either. But just how heavy can they lift? Some cranes can lift over a 1000 tonnes without breaking a […]

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A black and white photo of a cranes jib

The History of the Crane

As NMT Crane Hire Ltd celebrates its 40th anniversary, let’s head back to our roots and uncover the story behind these historical pieces of machinery. The resemblance is uncanny; A long, slender neck and a drooping snout, cranes may share their name with a graceful bird, but their work is far from it. Tasked with […]

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A towre crane similar to those of NMT Crane Hire

How Does A Tower Crane Work?

They are the architect of every skyscraper, apartment block, shopping centre, and almost every other building. They are synonymous with developing skylines as they soar hundreds of meters into the sky. But have you ever wondered how such a slender piece of machinery stays upright? Even when manoeuvring large chunks of metal and piles of […]

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A close up photo of a blue crane hire taken with a bright blue sky as the background

CPA Crane Hire vs CPA Contract Lift: Which Is Right for Me?

NMT Crane Hire have recently talked about just what is included in CPA Crane Hire vs what’s included in CPA Contract Lift. Both options are commonly chosen, having their own benefits depending on what you’re looking for. Therefore, deciding which one is right for you can be a little tricky, but is vitally important. Although […]

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